They Lied...

They told us, "All you need to do... is pay me a few hundred backs... download my 'winning' EA... select my 'winning' settings... deposit a couple thousand dollars...


And you'd make money while you sleep..."

But those vile EA vendors HID the FULL TRUTH from you!

Which is why... if you've ever lost money on an EA that... you thought... looked good on paper... it's not your fault!


It's time to hear the truth...

Veteran EA Trader Reveals The Industry's "Dirty Little Secret" About Making Money Without Work!

For too long, shady EA sellers have whispered this secret among themselves in hushed tones...

Deep down, they knew... yet they continued to mislead us to think... we can profitably trade with EAs with "absolutely zero work"...

But if you've ever blown an account (or suffered brutal drawdowns) due to News Days or Speech Days...

You would have realized... with a rude shock... the "auto-traders" aren't as "auto" as the EA sellers said!

So in this letter, (possibly) the only ethical EA trader in our industry sticks his neck out... breaks this taboo for the first time...

And now reveals... the forbidden (but crucial) facts about...

what it truly takes... for you to rocket your account balance to the moon... while you kick back and do (almost) nothing!

(Also below: How savvy traders like you can take advantage of this rare information... and beat those greedy EA sellers at their own game... for FREE!)

From The Desk Of Elland McKennon

From The Desk Of Elland McKennon:

If you've ever wondered how on earth EA traders earn $10,000... $50,000... $150,000 a year doing nearly nothing (and do they even exist, anyway?) — this will be the most interesting message you will ever read.


Here's why: My name is Elland and I’m a decently successful EA trader (actually, see my results here) but a few years ago I was getting ripped off by shady sellers left and right.


They painted fancy pictures like, "Relax on the beach with a margarita cocktail in your hand while this EA makes you millions!"… seduced me into buying their trash… and left me a few thousand bucks poorer.


That’s how it happened. And it happened again and again.


Why? Why didn’t I stop this insanity? Perhaps it was because I was insane.


Or… perhaps I held an insane faith to the lovely idea of a robot pulling money from the market without any effort of mine.


Anyway, it took a few years and a few thousand dollars… but at long last, I discovered the harsh truth… that… there's no such thing as a "free lunch" and...

Even A Lazy Genius Like ME Can't Engineer A "100% Hands-Off" Money Making Machine!

What? You already knew that?!


Fine, you’re a smart one. You just might make the “Traders’ Dream”.


Unfortunately, not all traders are as wise as you.


A few weeks ago, one of my trading friends, Jonathan came running to me crying on the phone. He didn't actually cry, of course, but he was pretty damn close...


You see, at the time he traded with a famous EA (whose name starts with 'R') and, it was earning him a steady gain of around 15% per month.


I won't tell you the name of this EA (due to my personal code of ethics)... but... we can call it Pip Loser (because it loses pips, and it's a 'Loser' EA, geddit?)


Anyway, around that time he ALSO had a new baby... which meant he had no time to track trading news.


And when he finally checked on his account for the first time in three days...

He was horrified to see a 55% equity loss on Profit Loser!

As Jonathan complained and whined to me, I asked calmly...


"You knew the market was experiencing heavy turbulence. Why didn't you keep closer watch?"


He replied, "They told me it was 100% auto... and I didn't have to lift a finger... so I didn't!"


Has this happened to you before? I hope not. It really sucks to be tricked by unethical sellers who didn't tell you the "hidden work" of EA trading!


Jonathan learned the hard way. But as a wise trader, I hope you have the sense to learn from the mistakes of the fools...


Know this... All EA sellers who say you can make money without doing anything are


Harsh, but true.


You see, if you truly wish to become a profitable EA trader...


You must spend at least an hour a day scouring the news for 'turbulent' events that could turn the markets upside down...


On top of that, you must then correctly interpret the events (which requires wisdom that comes from years of experience "in the field")...


So you can take swift action to save your equity or take profit.


These chores are absolutely crucial and...

If you fail to do them everyday... your losses will be DEVASTATING!

I mean drawdowns of 30%... 50%... 70%... or even completely blown accounts!


And, a human must do these chores. The EA cannot do the work for you!


See? That's a lot of mandatory work... the sellers hid from you!


Do you know why they do this? It's very simple.


They only pockets they care about filling are...

Not yours — but theirs!

And if they had told you the truth, you wouldn't buy their stuff!


You may be surprised to know this isn't the only important fact they lied to you about. In a few moments, I'll tell you some scandalous news about their scammy practices... straight from the mouth of an "ex-EA-scammer".


But now I've got something even more exciting for you.


After all that I've told you... do you still secretly desire to make money without work?



Admit it, you greedy little goblin.

It's the only reason why you're still here reading this.


You know... I was once like you.


I once held the insane belief that I could make tens of thousands a month doing nothing... and I didn't let go.


That's why I appreciate your attitude.


But money doesn't grow on trees... nor does it get freely printed by EAs.


So go away now. Shoo.
























Why aren't you leaving?























You stubborn little truth-seeker...


Fine, I guess I'll let you in on the secret.


Lean in close...




Alright, here's the truth...

You can't do zero work... but you can get pretty damn close!

Listen: A few years ago, before this whole Covid-19 mess, I was invited to lunch at Odette (a fine dining restaurant in located Singapore's National Gallery) by a man named Calvin.


If I haven't introduced you yet, Calvin is the first person in the world who recognized and appreciated my genius EA generating brain and, together we had developed a EA... which was used by the two of us and nobody else.


By the way, before he moved to Singapore, Calvin was a prop trader at one of Wall Street's bigger firms. There, he made so much money, if you knew the exact amount, it will make you sick.


And now he wanted someone to grow his funds... in a more aggressive way than what any hedge fund offered... and WITHOUT work on his part.


Why he chose me, I have no idea. But he mentored me in the "industry standards" of Wall Street algo trading, and guided me to engineer the EA that we, and only we used.


It ran by itself — except I had to spend a few hours a day tracking and analyzing News Days and Speech Days to keep our earnings secure.


(He paid me 10% of his earnings — while he played golf all day long.)


Anyway, as we chatted about our legendary exploits in our private dining room, out of nowhere he asked,


"Elland, do you have any idea how I snagged this rare seat?"


I said no.


And he excitedly told me all about his VIP concierge service... who used their connections to book it three months in advance (instead of two months — the earliest the public could book a seat).


Meanwhile, he barely had to lift a finger. "All I had to do was send them a text!" Calvin said.

"Wait a second — aren't I Calvin's private 'trading concierge'?"

I was joking, of course... but he got me thinking...


"Wait a second — aren't I Calvin's private 'trading concierge'?"


"Not only do I meticulously maintain a "RSS-feed" of trading news... I also consume every particle of information and process it into insights that mean... either enormously profitable opportunities... or an "early warning" against "News Missiles" that would otherwise decimate our EA trading...


"Then... take the necessary actions on his account... while he happily plays golf all day long!"

Is it even fair?

Actually, the 10% commission on his profits was sweet enough. And the free lunches too.


But suddenly, I was inspired...


"Hmm... would the public use... appreciate... and take advantage of... a 'trading concierge' if I offered it to them?"


So I asked Calvin.


He listened closely as I explained my grand plans to destroy the #1 EA trading disadvantage for the common trader (which you've already heard about — and our friend Jonathan knows too well).

And... he scoffed!

Calvin, the man who dragged me out of debt and into a fat bank balance, remarked that the public "didn't deserve it" and wouldn't "see it for what it's worth"...


Worst of all... he said something which implied that he wouldn't be very happy if I offered my valuable services to anyone other than him!


So I filed that idea away and went about my life.


At least... until the day I realized...

I was a "Half-Millionaire Trader!"

To be honest, there's nothing quite like it...


The feeling is almost impossible to describe.


That morning, when I checked my balances... and realized how much I had...


I felt like I was on top of the world!


(Technically, in FX trading, anyone who earns 200% gain is in the Top 1%. Remember this.)


Even better I realized that, as long as I didn't do anything stupid, I had enough cash for the next 10 years of my life.


It was one of the most memorable days of my life and, I hope you day comes soon (so you can see for yourself).

What's that? You want some proof?

Good – I'd expect nothing less.


This epic chart shows the time I reinvested 70% of my balance.



Does it sound like I'm bragging?


Yes? Good. I love showing off my beautiful EAs to strangers over the internet.


It makes me feel good. Also, it inspires some traders by showing them it's possible to make money using EAs.




Back to the story.

That very day...

I realized... I was finally fine with walking away.


You know... Calvin gave me everything: his rare knowledge of the insider workings of Wall Street and their algorithmic trading "monsters"... his connections and expertise... his capital...


Which made me the half-million stash of cash...


But no matter how much money I made, I wasn’t happy working for him!


Helping a rich guy like him (who didn't need to work another day in his life) get richer didn't feel fulfilling at all.


And... now that I reached this half-million milestone, I felt like I could finally spread my wings and fly.


So we parted as friends... and I started searching for a project that felt purposeful.

I began to dream...

If I were to build the best EA in the market for myself... what would it be?


As you saw earlier, Calvin's EA was pumping out a sweet 3% on my $200,000 deposit every month...


But since it is a long-term, low-risk EA, it needs huge sums of capital to work...


And very few traders (probably only one or two of you reading this right now)... can afford the huge deposit required to see significant profits...


So I needed something else...

As I racked my mind, I wrote a checklist —

I'm building this EA for myself. It must trade real money, MY money.


I must deploy the most cutting-edge technology (including the little-known ones I extracted from Calvin's demented mind)... such as "bank level security" and AI-backed calculations.


It must NOT run dangerous strategies like martingale.


It must NOT require advanced specialist knowledge to operate. The average Trader... on an average computer setup... who knows how to operate a VPS and MT4... should be able to use it profitably with ease.


It should be easy to setup (a twelve year old should be able to do it)


It should earn cash fast, producing high returns with low capital (NOT a low-risk "sit and wait" EA like the one I built with Calvin).

MOST Importantly...

The only work needed to be profitable (after investing an hour for setup)... is two minutes a day... with the help of my "Trading Concierge"!


In other words, I was trying to create an EA that... would make myself from 5 years ago (who was nearly broke) a lot of money in a very short time... at a reasonably low risk... with very little work.


Does any of this sound good to you?


I hope so. Because...

I dare say I succeeded!

But don't take my word for it.


In a few minutes you'll receive a more detailed briefing on the EA... and my trading concierge — and how you can "test drive" it for free.


Judge for yourself then.


For now, I have a warning for you.


If you're hoping my EA will make you a millionaire in 6 months... 1 year... or even 3 years...

Forget it!

Here's why: EA developers love to tell you that they've made millions with their robots.




It's a pretty promise... and an easy way to sell stuff...


But if you buy their EAs... I can promise that you will never get to a million dollars in a million years!


Fine, I'll admit it — I've been there before.


Their deceptive marketing tactics have tricked even ME, "Elland The Exceptional", into losing thousands of dollars.


That's why I hate flashy but empty words with a passion.


And that's also why I won't only show you the mega wins — I'll show the mega losses too.

I'll share the truth: the good... the bad... and even the embarrassing!

Oh? You said you respect the truth too?


Great! We can be buddies then.


Actually, I'll deliver a piece of the truth to you — right now.


If you've gone anywhere near the forums (like Reddit or Babypips) since you started trading, I'll bet you've seen at least one person bragging about their winning EA.


And if you've scrolled down to the comments, I bet you've seen another person saying...

"I call BS. If your EA is really so powerful...

Why don't you just sit back and use it to make billions of bucks... instead of trying to sell it over the internet?"


Fair question. Let me answer it right now.


Remember how I mentioned in my checklist that, with Calvin's "high deposit, low gain EA" already in my arsenal, I wanted to build a new machine that makes huge gains with smaller deposits?


Turns out, for the new EA, the more you deposit... the more your risk grows...


And... your risk grows exponentially!


That's why I can't make a million dollars or two with this EA.

At this point, alarm bells are ringing in your head.

"Elland, are you saying I'll never earn a million dollars from EAs?"


No. You can make a million dollars using nothing but EAs, but you cannot do it with this EA alone. In fact, my EAs combined have paid me well over a million dollars already!


"Elland, are you saying I'm going to blow my account with your risky EA?"


No. With the right risk management tactics (a secret formula that I give my clients) it's barely risky at all.


In fact, NOT a single client till date (all 68 of them) has...

Incurred a net loss or blown an account!

But these impressive results come at a price.


If you ever try to do something stupid... like deposit $50,000 into the EA...


I will find out, and you will find out about my "tough love" policy (my clients love and hate me for it)!


More on this later.


What? You're still not convinced that I am a no-nonsense EA developer who has nothing but your best interests at heart?


Fine. We're strangers after all.


But, since we're both traders, I want to be your friend. So let me try to win you over.


Say... would it help if I revealed my deepest, darkest secret to you?

Confessions Of A semi-famous EA Developer...

It's embarrassing to admit this... but... I hate risking my own money.


That's why, I try to limit the cashflow from my EA...


And supplement it by selling EA licenses... which happens to be the safest, surest way to make money.


It's not that I don't believe in my EA.


Actually, my EA has already made over $25,000 for myself, and even more for some of my more adventurous clients! (MyFxBook verified results later.)


But I don't want to trust my bank account to the market!


And as you've already seen...


With profits like that rolling in every month on autopilot...

Do I really need to sell EAs for a living... or even at all?

I'm very different from the other EA sellers... who desperately need your money to pay their bills.


Since I'm not on the brink of dying... I don't have to be so money minded.


And most importantly, I'm offering this EA to the market... to contribute back!


God! That sounds cheesy, doesn't it?


Well listen: I've been trading for 9 years and, for 5 long dark years, I was out in the wild hunting for an EA that worked.


In fact, I blew $21,254 on those LYING SCUMBAGS (like Pip Loser).


After all this time, I've realized they're everywhere and, if they've ever tricked you into giving them your hard-earned money... in return for a sad sack of shit... it's not your fault.

EA sellers are experts in cheating you out of your money.

For example, did you know that backtested results are easily — and often — photoshopped?


Yes, it's true. I had a chat with an ex-scammer (after he quit that shady business) and, he revealed that the stellar backtested results on their page were faked.


Apparently, a simple piece of code tracked real price movements... which it then used to produce random results that looked real.

In other words, he committed fraud!

Another example: did you know why so many sales pages only feature million dollar demo accounts, but no million dollar real accounts?


It's very simple. You see, here's how the scammers do it: first, they make 100 or 200 or 500 demo accounts that each hold $10,000. Then they crank the risk up to the ridiculous levels (if you tried those settings in real life, you might as well go to a casino — that way you'll lose less money) and they wait.


Naturally, most accounts blow up, but for the one or two that survive — they'll feature it like a trophy on their pages.


So, my friend, it's an expensive pitfall to trust backtested results or demo accounts.

By the way, I'm not claiming $1,000,000 EA accounts don't exist at all.

For instance...


These are the deposits of several of my accounts... and... together they add up to well over a million.



Honestly, I think I MIGHT be the ONLY EA seller who puts his money where his mouth is.


Anyway, I don't promise that you can turn $10,000 into $1,000,000.


Anyone who says that is a LYING SCUMBAG.


If you want to reach $1,000,000 some day, it's very possible you can get there.


Only... you can't do it with a SINGLE EA (unless you're starting with $500,000 in the account).

If you can't trust backtests or demo accounts... what can you trust?

Fortunately, there's one result we can trust...


And those are 'MyFxBook Verified' results.


As you may or may not know, MyFxBook is a third party site. This means that I have no way of manipulating the results you're seeing there.


You can access my real, non-manipulated MyFxBook results here.


While you check it out, keep in mind...

What you're seeing there... are real profits (and losses)...

Cold, hard cash that is exiting and entering my own pocket!


In other words, you're witnessing the EA's performance in real life!


Oh? You noticed the recent drawdown?





It's ugly, isn't it? But since you're currently thinking about buying this EA, it's something important that you need to think about.


Imagine you're the developer of the very EA... that produced the graph you just saw.


Clearly, while your past results are spectacular (near-mythical, even)... your EA hasn't performed so well lately.


What's more, let's say your trader friends had invited you to lunch (because they're interested in the sweet 700% gain)... and you had to explain the results to them.


But there's the ugly drawdown ruining the whole graph.

What would you do?

Three options.


1) Cut the drawdowns out.

(Show this graph and say "This is a perfect EA yadda yadda buy my stuff yadda yadda")


Did you pick this option? I hope you didn't.


Anyone who does is plain dishonest... and... as a man who built my reputation on integrity, it offends me.


2) Display the entire graph — but don't talk about the drawdown


This option is correct... for cowards!


It's easy to avoid talking about the bad stuff... but it's also irresponsible.


3) "The Elland Way"


This means that you take responsibility and address the bad times (and the good)!


If you picked 3, I'm proud of you.


Just as I said, I'll now tell the true story behind those drawdowns.


Actually, the EA stood for highly profitable 8 months in the market... before hitting the first stop loss.

And what caused the stop loss?

A few reasons. The most important one is... market conditions.


No EA... strategy... or indicator... can escape the market's wild forces and, eventually, every strategy will fail.


To aim for "zero failure" is like hoping you'll survive a boxing match without receiving a single hit.


It's foolish!


Your goal is not "zero failure" but "less failure"...


And my EA is actually pretty good at that!


In fact, it survived the Covid-19 recession, Brexit, and the US elections — without hitting a single stop loss!


What happened this time then?


Well, it's simply bad luck.


Finally, the market landed a punch on us.


But... what you may not know is...

We actually welcomed the punch!

Here's why: Allow me to introduce the "Magic Button".


It's one of my EA's most powerful features and here's how it works.


If you put the "Magic Button" on "true", the EA will NOT trade on certain dates (that I have decided are riskier for my strategy).


And on average, it will only trade 10-12 days per month.


On the other hand, if you put switch the button to "false", the EA will trade on all days... unless you manually turn it off (that's 24/30 days).


Although it's much riskier this way... it's also much more profitable!


Alright, smarty-pants..

How would YOU deploy this powerful button for maximum profit?

It's very simple.


First... you switch on the safer "true" mode...


Then... when you reach 100% gain (doubling your money)...


You switch on "False" Mode and let it go wild!


This way, even if we incur a loss running the risker "False" mode...

We won't lose a single cent of our own!

Amateur traders impatiently seek high profits right away... and start with the Magic Button on "False".


That is foolish, because they're putting their own money at risk.


But I don't blame them. Most of them have never achieved even a 10% gain before... so they cannot comprehend a strategy which... gets them a 100% return on their real deposit... within months!


However, this magic button is not only the reason for my ludicrous growth... but also for the drawdowns.


On February 25, 2021, it finally happened.

But... believe it or not... I actually 'predicted' the drawdown (over 1 month ago)!

Back in January, a trader named Ken asked me for some advice.


See our chat below and... you'll find that it happened exactly like I said it would!



You can find the full conversation in our private Telegram group (exclusively for members of the Club)


I lost $1,300... and it didn't even hurt at all!


And what does this all mean for you?


If you're sharp, you would be very excited right now...


Because it means...


If you leave the settings in "True" mode (and follow my instructions on lots sizes and deposits)...

You're almost guaranteed to at least double your dough!

Best of all, even if everything goes wrong...


The Stop Loss covers your butt!


What's the most dangerous trading strategy out there?


You know it, don't you? It's Martingale!


And what's the second most dangerous trading strategy out there?


It's nearly any strategy without a stop loss!


Now, some traders won't agree with me... but... it's my firm belief that without a stop loss...


You cannot be profitable in the long-term!


Anyway, the EA has a stop loss (which has been customized for 2021) to protect your account from blowing up.


Just like how you've seen it limit my losses during the drawdowns.


Now check this out...


This client got stopped out — 2 times, in fact.



But, he didn't give up... and left it alone...


Eventually, it recovered...


And you only have to look at the stats (on the left) to imagine that he has no regrets trusting the stop loss.


Don't be like this other trader... who... thought he could beat the market without a stop loss.

(Bwa ha ha... bye bye margin call!) (not my EA)


Enough about my awesome EA.


If you're interested in drooling over more "impossible" results, please click here.


(By the way, in that link, I also tell the unbelievable story of "Eric", the crazy trader from Hong Kong who went nuts, abused my EA, nearly got banished... and currently makes $5,000 a month on a $5,000 deposit!)

When you're back, there's something very urgent I need to tell you.

Remember the drawdown that hit my account recently?


Well, since then, I've enjoyed 3 months of pure profit, and... it looks like we're about to enter another winning streak!


The market conditions today are optimal for the EA.


They are just like those that occurred in the 3 months after its introduction, and... I've been earning an average of 1-2% per trading day!


That's why... if you're missing out... you could be cheating yourself of a chance to...

Double... triple... quadruple your investment in a matter of months.

Of course, past results do not guarantee future results.


But, with some luck, you might even achieve similar astronomical gains as I did in the first few months!



Had you invested $3,000 in an account back then, you would be sitting on a fat stash of $10,000 just 3 months later.


By the way, in the first 6.5 months, I actually gained 650%.


That's nearly a 100% a month! Of real gains, of real money!


And that's why I've got something very exciting to tell you about right now.


Because... today... you have an opportunity to get in on the action.


We don't know when the winning streak will end, so it's absolutely crucial that you read the next part today!

And now, everything comes together...

I've been quite enjoying our time together so far.


We've talked about the LYING SCUMBAGS... which Jonathan blames for his 55% equity loss... the 'trading concierge'... my ambitious checklist... the magic button... the stop loss... the opportunity window (which may slam shut at any time)...


And now, I've got the weirdest thing in the world to tell you.


I'm not selling a license to my EA.



As you remember, I genuinely give a shit about my clients' profits.

But if I only sold a license, I'd be no different from Pip Loser.


I'd have no way of deploying my "trading concierge".


And I'd have no way of doing my utmost to make you profitable.

That's why... what you'll be joining instead... is a Club...

A "fraternity" of traders... who use my new EA... to take profit and rise above everyone else!


I call it The Pipslayer Club...


And today, you have a chance to try it for 10 days, risk free!

How Does The Pipslayer Club Work?

(Our #1 priority is... to protect your earnings against unexpected news days which might destroy your profits... while trying to double your deposit... or more!)


Of course... the members use the legendary EA I forged from my checklist above, called the Pipslayer EA (if you've missed my proof of results, check it out here).


Yes, I've already coded the riskier days into the Magic Button... but that's not all...


Whenever there's a sudden piece of news that threatens your earnings, I send the details straight to your Telegram inbox... so you can take action to protect your stash.


By the way, remember Jonathan's tragic story? Actually, besides Pip Loser, Jonathan was also running Pipslayer.

But, he didn't lose a single cent on Pipslayer.



No, it's not that Pipslayer is an all-powerful EA that earns a profit no matter the market (although it is quite resilient indeed)...


It's because Pipslayer didn't even trade at all!


Why not? It's very simple. You see, I had personally advised him to stop!



And this simple message (which no other EA seller has ever used before) protected Jonathan from losing as much as $1,500.


Do you see what this means to you?


I do all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is check the Telegram chat, take action, and watch in smug satisfaction as your profits grow rapidly and safely.


Now, of course I'm not promising that I'll catch every important piece of news.


But, with Pipslayer EA's resilience to most trading events, you won't need a perfect track record to make killer profits anyway!

What Exactly Does A Member Of The Pipslayer Club Get

When you become a member, you'll receive, of course, the "money-making monster" Pipslayer EA...


And you'll also get 3 free bonuses to help you squeeze out every drop of profit from the market!

1. Pipslayer EA License

  • 370 day license gives you 53 weeks of profit taking potential!


  • So easy to set up... even a 12 year old can do it! Runs on MT4!


  • If you happen to have any trouble at all... I will personally give you VIP support, via my private Telegram account!


  • Includes: Magic Button that automatically avoids potentially deadly trading days... Stop-Loss tailored to protect your profits in 2021... Anti-Cracking Defense to ensure your trading is secure!


2. Software Updates — FREE!

  • If you've bought other EAs before, you'll be familiar with their profit-maximizing "sale and bail" treatment. This means that once they deliver your EA... they stop caring! (And they move right on to the next cash-grabbing project.)


  • But the problem with this is that market conditions are always changing. An EA that earned 1,000% gain in 2011 will NOT perform nearly as well in 2021.


  • So... if you're using a version that's five years out-of-date... chances are you will start losing trades... and eventually... maybe even blow your account!


  • What they're doing is cold and ugly (but good for the seller's wallet).


  • Luckily for you, that's not how things work around here! In The Pipslayer Club, I will keep the EA updated.


  • I won't stop painstakingly tuning the EA so it can "milk" the market in the most profitable way possible — and you'll get the fruits of all that expensive development — for $0.00!

3. Secret Manual: The Pipslayer Strategy — FREE!

  • The exciting contents of this secret manual allows a new trader with 10 days of experience... to operate Pipslayer 99% as powerfully as a veteran with 10 years under the belt!


  • Inside... I reveal the exact settings that got me 650% gain in 6.5 months... and what you can do for even more ridiculous gains! (NOT for risk-intolerant traders)


  • Discover the risk management system that lets me sleep soundly at night!


  • Learn 'stop-loss secrets' that made me a fortune!


  • Master the EA settings and optimize your trades! (For experienced veterans only)


  • And more rare and valuable "golden nuggets" that I've earned through experience...

4. Private Telegram Group: For Members Of The Pipslayer Club — FREE!

  • This is the "fireplace", the "dining table", the "living room" — where Members gather with one united purpose: to Take Profit!


  • As you'll soon find out, it wouldn't be unreasonable for any smart trader to pay an $1,000 "entry fee" to join this group... but... as a Member of The Pipslayer Club... you will gain entry at no additional cost!


  • Receive urgent trading news... PLUS my insightful analysis... so you can know, in seconds, exactly what it means to you!




  • Get first-priority access to any new EA built by me... (fun fact: my trading friends entered the Pipslayer Club at $400 less than today's price... and you could be getting a similar deal on my new EAs too!)


  • Exclusive invitations to invest in new EAs built by me, that (if it works out) could open the floodgates for a new stream of cashflow!


  • Convenient reminders on trading philosophy and principles... including topics like luck, greed, discipline, psychology and logic.


  • Possibly the most valuable bonus of all... FREE GIFTS for members! (You won't want to miss this. More on this later...)

But that's not all!

All members of The Pipslayer Club also receive free protection against stupidity and foolishness!


What do I mean?


Remember how I said anyone who tries to deposit $50,000 into the Pipslayer EA... will get an uncomfortably intimate taste of my "tough love" policy?


You do? Good. Well, here's what it's about.


As you know, Pipslayer is a mid-risk EA... whose risk... increases exponentially instead of linearly.


(Random sidenote: since I've emptied my entire bag of tricks into building this EA, I regard it as my "life work" and, I personally believe that the Pipslayer EA will never be surpassed by another mid-risk EA... for a long, long, long time!)


Anyway... if you try to deposit a large sum of money in it... or even your entire capital...


I will find out... and...

I will shut the gates to The Pipslayer Club in your face!

Yes, I dare.


Why? As I said before, your profits are my responsibility.


And if you try running the Pipslayer EA on so much capital, the risk is far, far greater than the reward.


What's that? You're indignantly whining that you want huge profits, fast?


Sure. Pipslayer can do that for you.


But you must get there the right way.


Here's how: You deposit the correct amount (the higher your risk, the higher your deposit, so your account doesn't blow; specific guidelines in the Secret Manual)...


And you switch the Magic Button to "True"... so it safely doubles your capital (in a few short months)


And only then do you switch the Magic Button to "False" and start watching the profits really flood in!

Don't break my rules. You've been warned.

By the way, this method doesn't just "almost guarantee" you'll double your deposit...


Imagine how relaxed you feel knowing that you're not risking anything that comes from your own pocket... while earning huge profits that would elevate your lifestyle!


Alright. I've spilled enough money management secrets here. If you want the rest, read the Secret Manual.


Right now... I've got a grave warning for you...


Are you wary about buying EAs online?


You are? I don't blame you.


If you've ever bought an EA online... or over Telegram... and the seller delivered trash... or simply disappeared without delivering anything... you are not alone.


It's happened to me before too.


Although I've been scammed so much... I don't wish the same fate upon you. I really don't.


That's why... now I'll tell you the story of... how I lost $21,254 to EA sellers' scams...

And I'll expose their dirty tactics so you don't lose thousands to them like I did!

Listen: In my 5 years navigating the rough seas of the EA industry, I've lost $21,254 to frauds and scammers.


That's bad — but not nearly as bad as you think. Those losses are tiny compared to the fortune I amassed during those 5 years (USD 900k+).


For example, my "flagship" account with around $20,000 of profit... has nearly paid back 5 years of losses!


In fact, I'd actually consider that $21,254 as "money well spent"... because...


As a result of my adventures...

I Have Now Exposed (Nearly) All Of The Nasty Scammers' Dirty Tricks!

Have you ever wondered why all scammers ONLY demand payment via Bitcoin, Skrill, and Neteller?


Well, my expensive experience (and my private conversation with the ex-EA scammer) has taught me this — it's because these payment methods are untraceable.


That means, once your money lands in their account, they can simply block you and run away... leaving you with nothing except an emptier bank account!


So how can we fend off these scammers?


Almost nobody knows this... but... there's a safe, scam-proof way to pay for your stuff.


Scammers never offer it... because... it blocks their scamming schemes completely!

What's this anti-scam payment method?

Well, it's a "3rd party payment gateway". With this method, you aren't paying the seller directly. You're paying the 3rd party "judge" who controls the money.


The 3rd party payment gateway I'm using is


It's an established website which securely processes millions of dollars every year.


On Clickbetter, you get to pay with MasterCard or Visa. As you know, these are super solid financial companies.


If I try to run away with your money, all you really have to do is lodge a dispute... before you get everything back and I'm left with nothing.

So... there's your anti-scam insurance... but that's not all!

Right now, I've got something more exciting for you.


I'll let you in on a little secret...


Hint: it's not about trading anymore... but it's no less important to your potential profits...


Keep guessing. Bet you won't get it.


Anyway, I want to remind you that you can see my real results here. Also, your chances of achieving similar (or better) results... are higher... the faster you get in!


And, I can almost guarantee... (if I made a promise, I'll go under investigation by the Monetary Authority of Singapore)... that you'll double your account balance within the year you're in the club.

Think about what that means to you...

How will this change your lifestyle? And what will this do for your family? Your kids?


I can't speak for you but... I can tell you... that each month, I skim a few thousand dollars from my EA's profits to pay for holidays and staycations with my wife and two young kids... and... I've nearly made enough to buy myself a Rolex Daytona Red Titan watch!


But that's not the secret I was gonna tell you.


No, the secret isn't about me... it's about The Pipslayer Club... and the interesting story behind its entry fee...

Would anyone ever pay $21,254 for an EA which could potentially earn you 200%... 400%... 700% annually?

You won't?


That's fine. I thought so too.


But the truth is, many big banks and investment centers will!


And, they will consider it a steal!


That's why I considered charging this high price for half a second.

But I tossed that idea in the bin...

When I remembered that... the reason why I lost so much on EAs was…


In our trading world... whenever someone developed a working EA, they hid it from the public and sold it to the big cats.


Why? Because that's where the big money lies!


Meanwhile, scammers preyed on our ambition… sold us junk... and us little guys got screwed.


While the rich corporations got richer, we just got jerked around… our money flying out of our pockets.


This thought made me angry.


So I scrapped the price... and asked my friends for their opinion.

"Why Not Charge More?"

Soon after, I received a text from Mark Dillard, one of my closest trading friends who currently lives in the UK.


He said:


“Bro, this is big!”


“Working EAs in our market is rare. EAs that can gain 200% are even rarer.”


“Basically 1 in a million”


“So why are you only charging $☐☐☐☐?”


“Why not charge more?”


Then I asked him:


"How much would you charge?"


He replied:




“At least”


How's that price sound to you?


To be honest... $7,999 for a 1 year membership in The Pipslayer Club would be considered the “Deal-Of-The-Decade” to every ambitious and open-minded “True Trader”.


In fact, it is over 60% off from the original $21,254 fee.


But $8,000 would be a ticket that only elite, currently successful traders could afford.


So I rejected Mark's suggestion... and told him about my "original reason" for building this EA — (that I wanted starting-out, nearly broke traders like me from 5 years ago to benefit from it)!

Wait, What Was The 'Censored' Price?

Did you notice "$☐☐☐☐" in Mark's message above?


You did? Are you curious as to what it is? You should be.


Because... it's your entry fee to The Pipslayer Club!


And... that sum is... $2,999!


Yes, it's true. You can now enter the Pipslayer Club at over 80% off the original $21,254!


Sounds good to you?


Well, hold on to your credit card. It's about to get even better!

I was about to settle for the hugely discounted price of $2,999... but then... I was hit with a humbling dose of nostalgia!

The EA that ran in my account... that I held in my hands... was everything I had wanted in a mid-risk EA.


Why? Because I built it according to my checklist... and it ticked all the checkboxes.


Even better, I was going to lend all my years of experience to the members of The Pipslayer Club — the experience that precisely identifies and interprets news that puts your profits in danger.


It was then I realized... that... this is what Elland-from-five-years-ago would have hoped and prayed for all night long.


But $2,999 remained far out of his reach.


And because of that memory...

That’s when I made my final decision on price.

Your price today: Just $999.


Are you surprised?


Mark Dillard sure was. He called me a moron.


It doesn't matter. I'm sticking by my guns.


Yes, it's 95% off the original price of $21,254.


Yes, I could be earning 100x that by selling it to the big banks.


But it doesn't matter... because it's the only way for me to put this hugely profitable EA in the hands of as many traders as possible...


To save them from fake products like Pip Loser... save them thousands of dollars and many years... and earn them thousands more dollars they could spend and save.

What's that? You like to make a fast buck? You want an even sweeter deal?

Fine. I like disgustingly delicious deals too. So let me make this offer even sweeter.


But first, let me remind you...


At $999, the 370 day Membership translates to a mere $2.70 investment per day.


How much does your broker "rob" from you each day?


I'm kidding. As much as the brokers annoy me, without those guys, retail traders like us can't make a single buck.


Speaking of brokers, if you choose to use my broker, you may enter The Pipslayer Club at a $111 discount — for $888!


That's pretty cool, right? You're welcome.


Note: For now, the IB option isn't available, since my 'Ex" recently quit the Singapore market (where most of my members live). 


But that's nowhere as cool as...

My 30-Day Make-Money-OR-Your-Money-Back Guarantee!

That's right.


It's ridiculous.


There's no way in hell any other EA out there offers a money back guarantee... because if they do, they'll see a 95% refund rate.


So why am I doing this?


Two reasons.


First, I'm insane.


Second, I'm insanely confident in the abilities of my EA to turn your pile of cash into a mountain of gold!


Are you interested in the idea of me shouldering all the risk for you?


You are? Here then are the terms of our refund policy:


If you run low risk settings (Risk 1)... and... happen to lose money over a period of 30 days... send me a statement of your LIVE trades... and I'll refund your entire membership fee, with no hassle whatsoever.


Also, I'll also let you keep the Secret Manual... and... if I'm feeling generous, I just might let you hang around in our Telegram chat.


So as you can see, there's nearly nothing you can lose... and everything to gain.

But here's why I encourage you to take action now...

Remember the "censored" price of $2,999?


Actually, despite my generous discount today... eventually... this price will become the actual price of the Membership Fee.


What do I mean?


As you may or may not know, when I first introduced The Pipslayer Club... the membership fee was $599.


Then, when my flagship account reached 700% gain... I raised the price to $999.


That brutal $400 increase didn't come without warning.


I'm not that evil.


But, I intend to increase the price by $400 the next time... and the next...


Till it eventually costs $2,999!

Consider yourself WARNED...

Look at this graph closely.


This is a LIVE widget displaying the current gain of my flagship account.


The number on the top left hand corner shows its gain RIGHT NOW...


Well, as soon as this graph hits 800%...


The price will increase by $400... (which means you'll have to pay $1,399 to join)


So... if you want to save $400...


You can take action today and click this button now.

Don't say "bojio"...

In Singapore, where I live currently, the locals say "bojio" when their friends forget to invite them to parties and gatherings.


It is a word from the Hokkien dialect, and, it literally means "never invite".


Why is this important? Well, this is because when the gain reaches 1000%... the gates to The Pipslayer Club will be locked permanently!


That's right. I'll take the EA private, and, the public will never be able to access it... ever again!


So, don't say bojio! Don't wait!


If you want to get in before it's too late... you know what to do!


























What are you still doing here?


Why haven't you clicked?


Ah, I see. You want to hear the NUMBER ONE, MOST COMPELLING REASON to join NOW?


Since you've already hung out here for so long... Fine!


So, here is...

How You Can Get ME To Pay For YOUR License!

In other words: You can now take advantage of a 10 day free trial to experience The Pipslayer Club for yourself!


That's right. For 10 days, you may test-drive the membership at no risk at all!


And if you don't even want to risk your deposit, you may use a demo account or cents trading too!


But be warned... demo accounts and cents trading differ from real accounts (plus you'll miss out on the sweet money you'll otherwise earn if you used real money)...


There's also something very important you need to know about the free trial... which I'll tell you in a short while, on the next page!

The way I see it, you have three options today.

Option number one... do nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.


This is the easiest option and, if you're already earning thousands of dollars a month... or even making a living trading... and you've already gained the respect of your peers... then maybe you don't need to join (or even try for free) The Pipslayer Club.


But if you could use some extra money... that leaves you with two other options.


Option number two... do it yourself.


If you're willing to code... or hire someone to code your EA... and then spend hours every week scouring the news and hoping you make the right moves... then you might like this option.


After all, if you're lucky and all the stars align, you just might stumble upon a winning EA.


But what if you could have everything handed to you on a silver platter?


Option number three... partner up with somebody.


This is the exciting option!


These are the clever traders... who work with those... who are already AT where they wanna be.


Let me do the work for you. Borrow my years of experience, and use my winning EA to gather riches for yourself.


Out of those three options... which will get you what you most desire?

Look, at the end of the day...

Whether you take action or not... I don't really give a damn.


With over a million USD in my bank account... and thousands more flooding my bank accounts every single month... (including over $3,277 from The Pipslayer EA in the past 40 days alone)...


There's no reason to beg for your membership fee...


To pay my bills or my EA builders (unlike many desperate EA sellers out there).

Sure, your entrance IS a great privilege.

I can't wait to serve another fellow trader.


I can't wait to see you unleash my cash-grabbing EAs... that... will suck profit out of the market and flush it into your pocket.


And I've already removed all the risk possible... with the free trial... and the 30-day refund guarantee.

But of course, you understand that with all the goodies you're getting when you join today...

(Including the free incredible bonuses you'll be hearing about in a short while)...


I can't extend this offer forever.


So it's completely up to you. Whatever you do, your life will change much more than mine.


And I hope you'll act fast... before the price increases... and before the page disappears.

When you click this button above, you'll be taken to the "gates" of The Pipslayer Club.


You'll be given the option to walk in — (but you can still turn back) — with no loss to me.


Oh, and I nearly forgot... on that page there's something I haven't shown you yet.


I think you'll be quite excited when you see it.


Because, on that page, I reveal...

That’s how it happened. And it happened again and again.


Why? Why didn’t I stop this insanity? Perhaps it was because I was insane.


Or… perhaps I held an insane faith to the lovely idea of a robot pulling money from the Forex market without any effort of mine.


How you can download one of the most famous EAs in the world... for free!

Is it the original? Yes.


Is it ethical? I'll let you decide.


But it's free. And you can get it from me.

I'll see you on the other side!


Keep Slaying Those Pips!


- Elland McKennon

That’s how it happened. And it happened again and again.


Why? Why didn’t I stop this insanity? Perhaps it was because I was insane.


Or… perhaps I held an insane faith to the lovely idea of a robot pulling money from the Forex market without any effort of mine.


























































WHAT? You're telling me... you scrolled all. the. way. down here without reading the whole page??


Hmph. Thanks for scrolling down here, at least.


I admit, it's a long page. It's quite a lot of words.


But... it is (in my opinion) highly interesting and (also in my opinion) highly informative EA trading wisdom you won't get anywhere else!




Would you like a summary?


Yes? Good, let's go!


1. I showed how (nearly) all EA sellers are LYING SCUMBAGS... whose their promises of "automated money" are EMPTY!


2. I told the story of Calvin, the Wall Street algo trader and his greedy, selfish motives!


3. I confessed the real reason I didn't make a few hundred million with the EAs I build!


4. I introduced my NEW EA... and its features... which allows nearly any trader to DOUBLE THEIR DEPOSIT!


5. I declared that I will NEVER sell my EA license... (instead, anyone who wishes to experience it for themselves will join a "traders' fraternity"... called... The Pipslayer Club!


6. I revealed the insane price of joining The Pipslayer Club (see for yourself above)!


7. I spilled the beans about my outrageous "Money Back Guarantee" and my never-before-seen "tough love policy"!


8. Then I dropped the bombshell... you can't join The Pipslayer Club on this page! If you wish to... you must click HERE or on one of the big buttons above... to reach a page where I'll reveal some important details first!


9. On that page... you will also discover how to claim your 10 day FREE TRIAL!


10. Also... I'll tell you how you can get an incredibly valuable FREE gift (people usually pay $99 for it)!


Oh! And before I forget... at a certain time (likely very soon) the crazy price will go UP by $400... and... after a while more, this page will disappear FOREVER! (more details above...)


Signing off for real now...


Let's slay some pips!


- Elland McKennon