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P.S. Past performances do not indicate future results. Please DO NOT TRUST ME. Do NOT believe a word I say. See for yourself with a free trial.

Proof #1. 741% Gain. $21k Profit. <30% DD.

Proof #1

Proof #2. Earning $3k+ In Just 3 Months (Low Risk)


Proof #3. $5k Per Month! (High Risk)

He 2x his money in 1 month?

Proof #4. More MyFxBooks (a few months ago). Real Money!

Old MyFxBook

Those four pieces of "evidence" you just saw actually refer to this...

But that's not all!

Proof #5. Pipslayer Accounts, 14 Jan 2021

(Click the little blue arrows to scroll)

Proof #6. Pipslayer Accounts, 20 Jan 2021 (only 2 accounts because only they used the "Magic Button")

Proof #7. Pipslayer Accounts, 22 Jan 2021

Okay, that's enough Pipslayer Accounts.

Proof #8. Pipslayer Accounts, 17 Jun 2021

OOPS! One from June slipped through!



Proof #9. A few testimonials

"What a legend. Elland, you're the real deal. You've made me thousands and saved me from losing thousands more. Proud to be in the Club!" - Yov


"I’ve been following Elland for over 3 years now, and he’s the real deal. He tells it like it is. He gives genuine advice. He cares more about your profit than his own. I buy every EA he offers, because they all make me money. And if you doubt him, get the free trial. Don't be a fool and miss out." - KH


"Elland made me so much money so fast, I'm gonna buy the man lunch next time I see him!” - Eric

What?! You didn't believe those were real?

Screw you.

I'm kidding. Actually, I'm proud of you for being skeptical.

Healthy skepticism is indispensible for successful trading.

So I prepared a few screenshots from Telegram to show you.

They're simply what my clients reported about their results.

I didn't "bribe" them or butter their words up.

Whatever. I can't make you believe me, can I? Scroll down and see for yourself then.

(TBH, anyone who bothers faking chat screenshots is simply a desperate sack of shit!)

Proof #10. Telegram Chat - "I'm Purchasing tonight Sir" 

Purchasing Tonight

Proof #11. Ken's journey (from pre-purchase to profit)

Proof #12. 50USD a week ($2.5k a year), low risk!

Proof #13. 37.5% gain. Only DD 3x.

Proof #14. "Change [the EA name] from Pipslayer to ATM or money machine lol"

Proof #15. Yov's real USD $3,000 withdrawal!


I'll tell the outrageous story of Eric...

The (probably insane) trader from Hong Kong who... deposited $5,000 in a high risk account... and proceeded to collect a passive income of $5,000 nearly every month since!

Basically, he lived the dream: Eric let his money work for him and, as a result, he enjoyed the equivalent of a salary every month while hardly doing anything!

But then... a few months in... he grew complacent!

Eric upped the risk without upping the deposit (so in the worst case, he would have blown it!)

In other words... Eric joined the dark side.

And as promised, I warned him sternly (remember my tough love policy?)... and when he still didn't listen... I banned him and refunded him!

Man, he begged and begged to come back... till I finally relented.


Surprisingly, he did!

(Actually, when you see his results below, it might not be so surprising after all.)

Now... let's witness Eric's wild ride in The Pipslayer Club... in graphs and pictures!

>>> #1: Started with $5k deposit... and left the Magic Button on False Mode (that's the risker one)!

Earned 31.8% gain in 7 trading days... with only 4.75% DD!

>>> #2: 3 more trading days later... the gain springs to 58%!

>>> #3: One Month from the start:

90% gain!

>>> #4: Four days after... he hit 103%, and I featured him in the Telegram group chat with all the members!

Soon after... Eric turned rouge.

He got greedy and took a reckless risk.

But as you have heard above... he paid the higher fee to join back and... here are his recent results!

(no more MyFxBook because I removed him after he did his stupid thing... I don't want my members losing money because they tried to follow him.)

>>> $5k earnings in June!

Eric June

>>> He sent me this in Sep!

Eric Sep

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